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3CQS - Hyper Volatility - SELL Signal ( BUY CLOSE )

3CQS Signals

Name : Hyper Volatility  - SELL ( BUY CLOSE )

About :  This signal comes from the telegram account 3CQS "https://www.3cqs.com/" . It is set up as follows.  

Telegram Adress : https://t.me/The3CQSBot

  • DEAL Start = BOT Start
  • DEAL Stop = BOT Stop 

Direction : Short

Recommended Take Profit Rate: 0.2%  Or you can use SELL Signals


WARNING :  Please test this strategy on paper before putting real money on it. please use 3cqsbot only on paper trading. Usage with real funds is at your own risk

Signals : The new version of 3cqs signals is now separated into three main versions. To decide which version fit your needs, please take a look at the indicators beneath. The description can be found on Discord too: https://discord.com/channels/720875074806349874/835100061583015947/958724423513419876


  • SIGNAL NAME: SymRank Top 100 Triple Tracker BOT_START: SymRank <= 100 Volatility Score >= 3, Price Action Score >= 2
  • SIGNAL NAME: SymRank Top 30 BOT_START: SymRank <= 30
  • SIGNAL NAME: X-treme Volatility BOT_START: Volatility Score >= 10